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這里是BT電影天堂(為您帶來的一部來自美國的劇情電影。 她的名字是:《如眠國度》 ,她的演員是: 盧克·伊萬斯 凱瑟琳·沃特斯頓 邁克爾·珊農 米契爾·哈思曼 瑪麗·凱·普萊斯 ,她的導演是:Meredith Danluck ,她的上映時間是:2018 年 ,她的初始語言為英語。 如眠國度迅雷BT種子,磁力鏈接,電驢ED2K高清電影資源盡在@BT電影天堂(,希望您能喜歡!點擊最右方的迅雷下載即可使用迅雷下載高清電影或者BT種子/ED2K資源哦!

詳情:State Like Sleep is a film about the basic need for human connection and love. The title refers not only to a doctor's inadequate yet poetic description of what it's like to be in a coma, but also to the psychological state one can enter when dealing with trauma; emotionally closed off but acutely conscious, a blank exterior housing a rich interior life. The story enables this surreal state by pairing spiritual damage with awkward humor, thrill with mystery, and sexual spectacle with the sublime. State Like Sleep finds love and hope in unexpected places as it travels through the ups and downs of mourning and loss.


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